Caning Films

Caned for Deliberately Wetting Herself in Class


Lilac deliberately wets herself in class when she is refused permission to go to the bathroom. She is made to wash out her panties and wear them wet while she is caned. Further hard strokes are then made on the bare.

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Fae is sent to the Headmaster


Fae has been misbehaving in the classroom. So much that her teacher caned her. She continued to misbehave, so she has been sent to the Headmaster. He sees her in his study as it is after school. He tells her that she is a disgrace to the uniform, and she is told to remove it. She refuses until she is threatened with having it taken off for her. As a punishment for this she now has to remove everything. She is given six of the best, and then more strokes for saying "no".

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Six Plus Six Strokes


Lilac has been messing about in class and is sent to the Headmaster. Her regulation green knickers are lowered. She receives six green cane strokes for messing about, plus a further six for being sent to the Head.

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